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Sewing + Drinking = - While I breathe, I hope [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sewing + Drinking = [Aug. 14th, 2012|11:18 am]
[Current Mood |drunkdrunk]

L: I found my gold scissors! They were in the strangest place… HEY! I’M GOING TO NAME THE SCISSORS MR. GOLD! I’M GONNA MAKE A LABEL!!! 


K: Hahaha oh shit

L: I found them in a bag in my trunk. Just like what I wanna do with the real Mr. Gold.  Wait what

K: That’s crazy hot

L: Is it? I thought it sounded insane.

L: Oh wait. It’s You.

K: Whatever maaan.

L: To expound on my “fantasy”… I’ll put him in a bag in my trunk. Naked. I’ll wear his clothes.  Take his cane. Use polyjuice potion to impersonate him. 

L: “Why, Mr. Gold - you’ve never been a drinker.”

L: “We all do what we can to get by, dearie. If you’ll excuse me, Please.”

K: Haha ok now it sounds insane. Good work.

L: Woo! I win the GOLD medal for insane fantasy!

L: “At first all I did was take Gold again and again in the darkness of the basement.  He begged to be released.  Sometimes for escape, and sometimes for the more sensual kind.  But soon, it wasn’t enough.  I wanted to take every part of his life.  I remember the look in his eyes the day I donned his suit, and stared back at him with his own face.  ”Mr. Gold - you’ve been away a long time. I think Belle will be… overjoyed to see you again.” 

K: Whoa.

L: Haha


L: MAN!!! Bleach only works when you don’t want it to! When ur like “BLEACH! Make this white!” It’s like “No.”

K: Bitch ass bleach.

L: Fuckin bleach

L: Then when you’re carryin bleach with plans of adding it to your WHITE LOAD… it’s like “Imma leak on your stuff and leave spots.”

(later, again)

“That cuts, Mr. Gold. It cuts deep.”

(“So, how do you keep your scissors so sharp?” “Oh, I just keep losing them. If I never use it it keeps it’s edge longer.” “…..”)

(And that is my Belle bodice he’s resting on.)