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Of Androids and Humans [Mar. 5th, 2013|11:34 pm]
So, I feel like talking, but I don't know what to say.  I'm a lot out of practice in talking about personal things.  Everything is either a funny picture or relating to Once Upon A Time.  But there has to be more to life.  There must be.

I have been listening to a show called RadioLab recently, and one episode focused on Artificial Intelligence. I made me think of this.  AIs are pretty rudimentary now.  You can program them to do so many things, very quickly, but you can't program one to have a decent conversation.  They can't choose except by logic.  They can't love.  Imagine, though, that one day robots advanced enough that they could do all these things.  That they were, in essence, human.  Even if that AI choose to do terrible things with their freedom, it doesn't change the miracle of what they are.  They're creator would still love them.  So that is how, in my perception, I see how God can love people who do evil.  Who choose evil.

Another thing - in the movie A.I., they do accomplish the feat of making robots that can love.  Only, they are programmed to imprint on one person.  A person that will die quickly in comparison to the robot - who will go on forever and ever, longing for something that is eternally lost.  So giving that robot a lifespan would be a mercy.  Like with humans.  We fear death, try and cheat it, think it's tragic - but is it, really?  Forgetting things as you get older, dying.  Perhaps they are all mercies.

If we were able to manufacture our own brand of human, would that make us gods?  As a Christian, I find this a tricky but interesting question.  As a species, we are low enough on the Science ladder that what we think we know changes daily.  In my opinion, it'll be a long time before that discussion could be had with any degree of certainty   And since I don't really care about arguing for the sake of it, I'm going to put this under the "who the fuck really knows" category.  As a Christian.