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Cthulhu and other dark creatures [Aug. 14th, 2012|11:27 am]

OK: I figured you could pattern your Cthulhu character after Mr. Gold.

L: Mmm. I’d like to. He does have an old school feel to him doesn’t he?

L: ::feels:: Yeah.

OK: He does. I could picture him as a Scottish gentleman from 1920 that owns a curiosity shop.

L: Hahahaha me too! Crazy. We are so in sync.

OK: Perv.  He needs a leather trenchcoat and a fedora.

L: Hmm. No. A hat would only cover his beautiful hair.

OK: Maybe not the fedora.  What if it rains?

L: He has an emergency poncho.

OK: They have ponchos in the 1920s?

L:  Maybe it’s a ‘curiosity’. Ever Thought About That?

L: Anyway, I thought this was an alternate universe.

OK: To a degree it is. 

L: “But not to the degree that emergency ponchos exist! Be Real for once!”

OK: There may be mystical entities from beyond time and space bound and determined to destroy your mind and steal your soul, but no - there are no plastic ponchos.

L: Did I say it was plastic? It’s treated cotton or something.

OK: Treated with what? Wax? 

L: Lanolin, obviously.

OK: Obviously. I mean, I knew that.